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Set-up and run an election in minutes


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Benefits and Features

Benefits and Features


Easy to run, even easier to vote

Set-up and run an election in less than 10 minutes. We can also run the election on your behalf if you would prefer. (But trust us - it’s very simple and cost-effective to run your own elections)


Voters can vote quickly and easily by clicking the link sent to their email, and use either a random PIN or a password you specify for each voter.



Fair and private

No-one can see the results until voting has closed and the tally has been completed.


The election administrator can see who has voted, but never what they vote for. VoteAbout ballots are never decrypted, not even during the tallying. (No, really!)



Trustable and Secure

Ballots are verified to ensure neither the ballot nor the election has been tampered with and voters can verify their ballot has been received and will be tallied.

Ballots are securely encrypted before casting and ballots are transmitted using the same industry standard TLS encryption used by banks and eCommerce sites around the Internet.

How it works

How it works

How it works



Setup your election details - including the candidates or questions to vote on and who you want to vote


Email  out the voting invitations and then monitor voting progress as your voters cast their votes using their mobile  or desktop computers


Tally the results quickly, privately and securely, and when ready, release the results to the voters



Some of our Customer SUCCESSEs


Adrian Larking, Secretary
Australian Geothermal Association

"I found VoteAbout to be excellent and a most efficient and fast way to operate our ballot. The daily updates of voting numbers and percentages were very useful and provided me with a good idea of when we needed to send out reminders.  Your reminder system worked efficiently and was very effective allowing us to send reminders only to those who had not voted.  We got a good response and boost in voting after sending each reminder. Your system was good for the operator and very easy and efficient for the voting members. VoteAbout is an excellent, secure and user friendly system which the AGA would be happy to use again for our ballots." -- Adrian Larking
"Since 2009, Supply Nation has worked with Indigenous businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape the Indigenous business sector. Recently we have set up an Indigenous Business Advisory Group and used VoteAbout to run the election (as we had over 1400 businesses we needed to reach). We were very happy with the process and outcome. We had previously used online voting tools before and found the process cumbersome and difficult. VoteAbout was easy to set up, user-friendly and all around a great platform. We will be using it again for future campaigns." -- Andrew Wolfson

Andrew Wolfson
Supply Nation

Oliver Drakes.png

Oliver Drakes
Australia Post

"A core element of Hack Dayz @ Aus post is providing the attendees with the ability to vote for their favourite idea. In our previous events, this was a manual and time consuming option, however with the successful partnership with ‘VoteAbout’, all the pain was alleviated. They made the voting simple, easy and seamless, saving time whilst providing a real-time live dashboard. This voting system has now become a core element within our Hack Day events, and we would love to further explore what else we can use this brilliant tool for." -- Oliver Drakes
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"Westminster School comprises over 1200 students. We are frequently seeking ways in which we can streamline processes and embrace technology. When we were faced with a tight deadline to run an election for our students to vote for an annual award winner from their peers, we turned to VoteAbout. The entire setup process took only minutes and the system was very user-friendly. Communicating the ballot information to students was also easy and trouble-free. Students were pleased that the voting process was so straightforward and simple. No manual vote-counting was required, no lengthy administrative processes, and no hassles overall. Any queries that I had were very promptly answered by the VoteAbout team. Our school has a number of areas where we could use VoteAbout. We will most certainly be using them again – what a great time saver!" -- Kim Rainsford

Kim Rainsford
Westminster School

"VoteAbout made it easy to run an election for health and safety representatives in our workplace. It was important for us that the votes in the election were private and non-identifiable, but also auditable in case of a dispute. The VoteAbout team have been really helpful in answering my questions and helping me to get the election set up. I would recommend VoteAbout to any workplace running elections with staff." -- David Mills



"I recently used VoteAbout for a vote on two resolutions at our association's AGM. I found it very easy to use and after a couple of mini trials, I launched the vote for the whole association membership. From those who chose to leave feedback, the average score was 4.5 out of 5. The verbal comments at the AGM when the vote was announced were very favourable noting that voters found the system clean and easy to use. Security and confidentiality were well handled. I have no hesitation in recommending VoteAbout for any similar online vote." -- Howard Elsey